Our pick of the marketplace for wired helmet speakers is TORK. Based in Vancouver Canada they only make and sell helmet speakers - so a real market specialist. Manufacturing since 2001 they have really made their name on the back of their premium TORK Xpro helmet speakers.

Because they solely focus on making helmet speakers they have a comprehensive range that suits most needs, applications and budgets. Here's a summary of the key models available from TORK

TORK Xpro features the top of the range Xpro stereo speakers and comes with a detachable volume cord. If music is your thing these are the ones for you - they offer great bass and music range.

TORK Xpro Elements offer the same top of the range Xpro stereo speakers for all you music lovers out there but are designed to be soldered onto your own Bluetooth headset. So they do not come with a lead.

TORK X2 are a great set of basic helmet speakers. They feature X2 stereo speakers - offering great sound quality for all general applications. They come with a detachable volume cord.

TORK X3 offers you the same great sound quality as the TORK X2 helmet speakers as they come with the same X2 stereo speakers. They only difference is they are a one piece design so have no in-line volume control - but come with a 5ft lead to suit most needs


TORK X1 are TORK's entry level model. They come with a single X2 speaker and no in-line volume control - so will appear quieter as you are only hearing with one ear. An option if you just want to listen to GPS instructions and don't want stereo speakers.

TORK Maxx are TORK's loudest helmet speaker and come with the X2 stereo speakers and a built in amplifier. Do not use these inline with another amplifier like a Bluetooth headset.

You can check out the full range of TORK products at RiderMount.com their EU distributor.

Choosing Bluetooth

Here at helmetspeakers.co.uk we are all about trying to guide you to choosing the right helmet speakers for you. However, we did want to share our recommendation for Bluetooth. When it comes to Bluetooth you want something reliable, flexible and compatible with most devices ... with this in mind we recommend the Scala Rider range of Bluetooth Headsets.

A well known brand they are a market leader in the design and manufacture of Bluetooth headsets for motorcyclists.  Scala Rider also comes with the flexibility to up-grade the speakers - just by plugging in new ones. They also have a detachable microphone - as not everyone wants to talk some of us just want to listen. 

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