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We often get enquiries from people looking to get better sound quality from their Bluetooth Headsets by upgrading the speakers.


It is important to understand what you want to achieve as sometimes upgrading the speakers is not the answer. 


Looking for more volume?

Generally the volume is limited by the amplifier in the Bluetooth headset not by the speakers. The speakers fitted will be capable of operating at the maximum volume of the amplifier. So better speakers will not produce significantly more volume, they will only really improve the bass. This will give the effect of slightly better volume but in reality the difference is negligible.   

Sound quality

Sound quality on the other hand is an area that better quality speakers can improve significantly. Replacing the supplied speakers with a better quality speaker with improved response and bass will give much better sound quality and will sound slightly louder to the ear.

How do you connect new speakers to your Bluetooth Headset?

Having made the decision to upgrade the speakers on  your Bluetooth Headset you have options of a wired solution or soldering new speakers.

If like Scala Rider units, the speakers plug into the Bluetooth unit with a 3.5mm stereo plug, you can simply plug in some better sounding speakers. We would recommend TORK Xpro Helmet Speakers as these are the best helmet speakers available, will give you excellent sound quality and plug straight into your device.

However, many Bluetooth units have hardwired speakers. These require de-soldering and new speakers to be soldered on. This is not as difficult as it sounds. You should use a low power soldering iron as speaker wires are often very thin. Our recommended speakers are TORK Xpro Elements so the same great quality but configured to solder onto your headset.

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