We often hear from people who are looking to upgrade their helmet speakers because they are struggling to hear their music or GPS instructions. However, it is often because they are ill fitted in their helmet - so we thought we would share some hints and tips of fitting and using helmet speakers.

Positioning over your ears – a simple tip

Positioning helmet speakers to align with the ear canal is critical to good volume and performance. As little as a 5mm misalignment can make a drastic difference.


Here is an old autocom trick that we wanted to share:

Put talcum powder on your ears and then put on your helmet. When you take off your helmet you will be able to see where your ears sit inside your helmet and position the speakers correctly.


How far should the speakers be from your ears?

The helmet speakers should ideally just touch your ears with your helmet on. Any further than 2mm away and you will lose volume. If they are too recessed in your helmet you could buy extra sticky Velcro pads to bring them nearer to your ears and improve volume.


Should I wear earplugs? If so, what type?

Contrary to popular opinion, cheaper foam earplugs help you to hear helmet speakers better. This is because they cut ambient wind noise but still let sound in from the speaker.  You will also be able to hear other traffic.

I would avoid custom moulded earplugs however as they can completely block out noise.


How do I hide the helmet speaker cables?

This is simply done. The thin wires can be easily hidden between the lining and the helmet. It is just a matter of taking your time and making a neat job of it.

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