Helmet speakers have been around for a while now. They are used by motorcyclists, skiers, snowboards, BMXers, etc to listen to audio while doing their thing.


We have many years experience of using all types of helmet audio from using wired autocom type systems to bluetooth headsets and helmet speakers.

We want to share some of that knowledge with you regarding what to look for when choosing, fitting or using helmet speakers.


Helmet Speakers Information

We have designed this website to help give you the information you need to consider when choosing helmet speakers. We look at the different applications for helmet speakers, making the right choice and a guide on fitting and using helmet speakers to optimise their performance.

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Motorcycle Racer
Large Earphones
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Considerations when buying

Are you looking for plug in helmet speakers or to upgrade a Bluetooth headset? Have a look around our site.

Look out for key features

When choosing the helmet speakers for you look out for key features

Great for listening to music

Includes in-lead volume control

Suitable to hear GPS instructions

Bluetooth capability

Built in headset

Stereo speakers


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